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The Conver C585 has been developed for the maintenance of ditches, canals and ponds, independent of ...

Whichever way you look at it, Conver machines are the best choice on all types of ground. It is a sustainable investment which pays for itself in a short period. But it is also a low-risk investment since these machines are reliable and have a long service life. Conver has designed the amphibious machines to be fully fledged tool carriers. There is a wide selection of tools and devices so that the machine can be used for many purposes.

You perform the best with Conver amphibious machines, whether there is insufficient water for a boat or too much for a tractor or excavator. With these machines you can still maintain watercourses in the most exceptional conditions. Besides the choice of a light or heavy model, you can also have a machine designed to your own wishes and requirements. Let us tell you about the possibilities.

Operators who enjoy their work are more productive. At Conver when we develop machines the operator is paramount, and you notice that as soon as you go on board. A luxury cabin or an open work platform with great comfort for the operator is standard. A spacious workplace with logically arranged control levers immediately feels natural. A comfortable workplace where any operator can work every day with great satisfaction.

With Conver amphibious machines you're at home on any ground.