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The C485-E is the latest model in our program. This all-electric mower fully complies with the newest emission guidelines and is also whisper-quiet. The boat has a width of 1.85 m, is suitable for almost all Conver tools.

Furthermore, the C485-E has an entirely closed deck and a tool carrier with a quick change system at the boat’s front to construct various tools. The C485-E is environmentally friendly, safer to work with and more comfortable for the operator. It is a boat that is far ahead of its time.

The C485-E comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours a day. All functions of the mowing boat are electrically proportionally operated and driven.


Dimensions (l x w x h): 4.8 x 1.86 x 0.95 m (excl. tools)
Material:  2 mm ultra-high-strength steel
Weight: 2.100 – 2.600 kg (depending on the model)
Draft: ca. 0.4 m
Colour: Orange ral 2004 / grey ral 7012
Engine: 2x electric motor
Emission class: Zero Emisson
Fuel consumption: 6-8 hour (depending on the model and operation)
Cooling system: Keel cooling
Electrics: 12 V + 80 V
Propulsion: Single 450 mm hydraulic anti-coiling auger
Steering: Power steering with a 2 x 50° steering angle
Hydraulic system: 2x plunger pump with (semi-)proportional valves
Battery capacity: 70 kWh @ 80V
Hydraulic tank: 95 L with suction and return filter. With integrated oil cooling.
Hydraulic oil: Univis N46
Maximum sailing: 7 km/h

The C455 mowing boat has several advantages:

  • 100% Electric mowing boat
  • No CO2 emissions and whisper silence
  • Top of the line mowing boat, with a hull width of 1,85 m
  • Keel and bow standard made of reinforced steel
  • Suited to work with all tools

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