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The CTP420HS boat trailer is a tilt trailer, which can be used to transport, launch and recover a ...
The CTP485 boat trailer is a single axle trailer for agricultural traffic and does not comply to ...
The CTP485HS boat trailer is almost similar to the CTP420HS however, it has a maximum loading ...

Conver offers you a choice of trailers for low-speed and high-speed uses. There are special trailers for transporting, launching and landing mowing boats. Of course, these trailers are also of the same quality that you are used to with Conver. The base is constructed around a solid chassis, which ensures stable road holding and a long service life. These are trailers that you can rely on in extreme conditions.

The trailer frame is fitted with fixed rollers. As a result of their large diameter the rollers are not only very strong, but the boat can also roll on them very easily. The trailers are fitted with a solid side-frame on each side. A frame extension is fitted at the back, which is supported by gas springs as standard. With the frame extension in the extended position you can operate the folding frame on the trailer. This is hydraulically operated.