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Work boat


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The Conver C98-III is a compact multipurpose heavy duty work boat. It is renowned for its durability, reliability and performance. The boat can perform a wide range of support activities in shallow inland waters, including pushing and towing and the transportation of fuel, goods and personnel.

The Conver C98-III comes supplied with a hydraulic deck crane. The deck crane is positioned off-centre portside to the fore of the ship to create maximum crane load capacity and free deck space. The wheelhouse is placed portside aft and is a welded steel construction. Te top of the wheelhouse can also be dismantled easily to reduce the height of the work boat for transportation.

Naturally there are also all kinds of options for the C98-II: automatic bilge pump, hydraulic operated blige/deckwash pump, anti-vandalism panel set, sun awning over wheelhouse, air-conditioning, bow roller, fuel consumption measurement, and spare parts kit.


Dimensions (l x w x h): 10,34 x 4,05 x 3,15 m
Hull (l x w x h): 10,00 x 4,00 x 1,50 m

6 mm St52 (side panels, bulkheads and deck), 8 mm St52 (bottom)
50 x 25 mm St 52 (sheer strakes)

Max. depth: 0,95 m
Weight: 19,5 ton
Pull: 1,7 ton
Colour: Orange RAL 2004 / Grey RAL 7012
Engine: Diesel engine 153 kW @2.500 rpm
Emission class: In accordance with local regulations
Fuel tank: 250 L
Steering: Closed fresh cooling system with box cooler
Cooling system: Closed fresh cooling system with box cooler
Electrical installation: 24V
Deck installation: Hydraulic deck crane, 74 kNM with 7,00 m outreach
Transport deck: Wood laid work deck with 2.000 kg loading capacity
Crew: 1 operator
Speed: 13 km/h


The C98-III work boat has several advantages:

  • Largest multipurpose, heavy duty work boat
  • Pulling force of 1,7 ton
  • Diesel engine rated 153 kW
  • Hydraulic deck crane with 7 m outreach
  • It can perform a wide range of support activities in shallow inland waters


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